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A lover of books. After a faff around Tumblr, not really understanding it properly, this will become a purely bookish blog. I like other things too.

Attempting to read 50 books in 2011.


In Cold Blood

It took me a while and now I’m slightly behind in my 50 book challenge but I’ve finished In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

Since the last post I finished reading Less Than Zero and its 2010 sequel, Imperial Bedrooms. Both are classic Bret Easton Ellis; funny, contemporary and more than a bit dark!

Currently Reading

I finished The End of the Affair by Graham Greene. What a wonderful read it was, I really hope I can get more Greene to read, I can’t believe I haven’t read any before.

I’m about halfway through Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. I recently bought his new book, Imperial Bedrooms, before realising it’s a sequel to Less Than Zero so downloaded it on my kindle. I love BEE, American Psycho might be my all time favourite book. But I change my mind on that matter every day. 

Currently Reading

I’m having my own affair with Greene. My 3rd book in about as many days. 

I’ve gotten off to a flying start with my challenge, having read The Quiet American by Graham Greene in a day. I couldn’t help it. I have a week off and once I started it, I was enjoying it so much to stop! 

Currently Reading

I’ve gone through phases of enjoying and not enjoying this. Currently enjoying. Found it helped reading a bit of background and contextual info. 

This is also book 1 of my 50 Book Challenge! Wish me luck!

Teachers make too much money!


Are you sick of high paid teachers? Teachers’ hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or 10 months a year! It’s time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do - baby sit! We can get that for less than minimum wage.

That’s right. Let’s give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked; not any of that silly planning time, or any time they spend before or after school. That would be $19.50 a day (7:45 to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan — that equals 6 1/2 hours).

Each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children.

Now how many do they teach in day…maybe 30? So that’s $19.50 x 30 = $585.00 a day. However, remember they only work 180 days a year!!! I am not going to pay them for any vacations.

LET’S SEE…. That’s $585 X 180= $105,300 peryear. (Hold on! My calculator needs new batteries).

What about those special education teachers and the ones with Master’s degrees? Well, we could pay them minimum wage ($7.75), and just to be fair, round it off to $8.00 an hour. That would be $8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year.

Wait a minute — there’s something wrong here! There sure is!

The average teacher’s salary (nation wide) is $50,000. $50,000/180 days = $277.77/per day/30 students=$9.25/6.5 hours = $1.42 per hour per student–a very inexpensive baby-sitter and they even EDUCATE your kids!)


It’s a bit cheesy but almost certainly true.